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July 13, 2017   
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Maddy preparing to steal the show.

Have you ever witnessed anyone steal the show? I don't just mean do well at something, I mean really, audibly steal the hearts of an entire room. I got to see it happen recently by none other than my three year old daughter. At the wedding we were at recently in Wisconsin, the DJ did something fun at the reception. He put a microphone on the head table and said that anyone who wanted to could come up and sing a song to the new bride and groom, as long as it had the word love in it. We got to hear 'Love in an Elevator', 'I Would Do Anything for Love' and other Love classics. But then there was a performance that stole a lot of hearts (and required numerous tissues).

When the DJ said you can come up and sing, Maddy looked at Kim and said 'I want to sing a song'. Kim asked her what she wanted to sing, and they settled on 'You Are My Sunshine'. She liked that idea and went up to the head table (by herself) and asked for the microphone. I can only imagine what everyone was thinking when she got the microphone. And then she sang the cutest little version of 'You are my Sunshine' that you've ever heard from a three-year old. It's a song that Grandpa Kerby used to sing to Kim when she was little, and we didn't know it, but it's also a song that the bride's mother used to sing to he little ones as well. Needless to say, it pulled on a few heartstrings. At our table, it was a mix of disbelief (that she got up and sang) and tears as she finished it up. The day after the wedding, we overheard multiple people talking about the little girl that stole the show.

So what's your show? Are you going to wow the crowd today? I'm going to try and all because of the guts and gumption of my little girl.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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