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July 4, 2018   
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Upper Garden of George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate

Every time Independence Day rolls around, I am reminded of a great book: Founding Gardeners, by Andrea Wulf. It chronicles the passion for gardening and agriculture that many of our founding father's had. For instance, George Washington wrote many correspondences during the revolutionary war back to his estate to check on the condition of his fields and gardens. He is also reported to have encouraged his troops to grow regimental gardens both to fill rations and to provide some stress relief. Even the continental congress would take breaks for garden visits during the negotiations that led to the writing of our Constitution. In many ways gardening and agriculture shaped early America and are embedded in our American spirit.

One really cool way that the founding fathers used gardening to display their independent spirit was by embracing the new native plants of America, rather than the old plants of classic English gardens. Today, planting native plants is a great way to create a tough, hardy landscape but it can also link us to the past and the passion American settler's had for their gardens.

If you need a few plants on this holiday, Kerby's will be open from 9am to 12pm. We hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July, celebrating America's independence and your independent spirit in your garden.

Happy Gardening,
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