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July 2, 2014   

Upper Garden of George Washington's
Mount Vernon Estate
Happy Independence Day. 238 years ago, a group of colonies banded together to fight for a unique spirit and what would become a unique country. Did you know that many of the Founding Fathers were also avid gardeners? From George Washington's Mount Vernon, to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, a love of agriculture and gardening was strong in many of the men and women that shaped our fledgling nation. There is a great book titled Founding Gardeners, by Andrea Wulf (Click here to see an excerpt from Kerby's 2011 newsletter about the book). The book shows that many of the important decisions that led to the founding of America were made in gardens and it captures how important tending the land was to the Founding Fathers. This spirit of tending the land continues today in our passion for gardening. Because it is more than just digging some holes and popping a few plants in the ground. It's about creating a home and making it beautiful. It's about having pride in our personal homes as well as our communities and our country. The same spirit of the adventurous pioneers who had no choice but to live off the land, and the cultivating spirit of the Founding Fathers lives on in our gardening spirit. So get out and tend your land by getting your hands dirty in the garden. And when the sun goes down, set off some fireworks, it is America's birthday after all.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Tough Florida Natives

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Sting Ray Alocasia
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 Featured Plant
Sting Ray Alocasia
Alocasia x
No, it's not native, and it definitely wasn't around for George Washington or John Adams to plant, but I'll bet they would have thought it was quite sensational. The stingray alocasia is a shade-loving tropical with leaves that are shaped like a stingray. The picture doesn't really show off the tail, but don't worry, it won't sting you. It'll just bring a little bit of the beach into your backyard. Perfect for summertime gardening.



Tough Florida Natives

Celebrate your independent spirit and create an easy-care garden along the way by using Florida Natives. They are tough and already know how to handle Florida's fickle weather. Below are some of our favorites for creating cool landscapes.

Sea Grape - A native that loves sandy soil (you often see it planted near the beach), the sea grape has large beautiful leaves and makes a nice privacy hedge or can be shaped into a small tree.


Saw Palmetto - This plant is so tough that it can survive fire! The silver variety makes an exceptionally beautiful landscape centerpiece in spots where you don't need something too tall. Plant it in sun or shade and in just about any type of soil.


Beautyberry - We've seen this plant growing wild out in Flatwoods, Lettuce Lake and many local parks. It likes some shade and grows into a medium sized shrub. White flowers appear along the branches and then form these beautiful purple berries. They aren't poisonous (though they aren't edible), but birds and other wildlife do seem love them.


Sunshine Mimosa - This cute little groundcover has delightful little pink flowers throughout the summertime. It is a Florida native and quickly fills in sunny areas. It is great as a replacement for grass. Another name for it is sensitive plant because when you touch the leaves, it folds up. How cool is that?



These are only a few Florida natives that can get your garden started. There are so many more, including: beach sunflower, simpson's stopper, wax myrtle as well as many beautiful shade trees like river birch and winged elms. Use these plants to make your landscape tough and beautiful.

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