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January 31, 2019   
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Sock Drawer, Konmari style

I think of myself as a neat, organized person. However, if you saw my desk at home, desk at the nursery or any other surface that I use on a regular basis, you would probably tell me I was deceiving myself. So I guess I should actually think of myself as a want-to-be neat and organized person. When everything has a place, it feels so good. Trouble is, there are always new things that need new places. So every now and then you've got to do a little overhaul. It's called a spring-cleaning, right? But in the garden center business, spring is our busy season, so we do a winter cleaning. And here in the new year, Kim has gotten hooked on the Konmari method. I'm sure you've heard of it; the book and TV show have become wildly popular. And with good reason.

I am not as versed in the method as Kim is (she is responsible for my well-organized sock drawer, above). But my understanding is that you are supposed to take everything out of a drawer or closet, hold each item and ask 'Does this item spark joy?'. If it brings you joy, keep it. If it doesn't, send it on its way. It's a pretty powerful way of tidying and decluttering. We've slowly been moving through the spaces in our house and attempting to declutter and simplify. And each new area that we organize feels really good. Even something as simple as a sock drawer! It's so nice to open the drawer, be able to look at everything in it and make a selection without having to rummage around. I know that right now there is a trend towards simplicity, and I can say that I understand it. When we remove the things from our life that don't bring us joy and organize the ones that do, life just seems to work better. 

Ok that was a little deep. For a little levity, here is a humorous video of Thomas Jefferson trying to declutter his books. (If you can't watch the video, it's basically Jefferson trying to decide which of his books bring him joy. He decides that they all do, except one about Alexander Hamilton.) For me, I can't imagine putting a book or a plant in the 'doesn't bring me joy' pile, so I sympathize with Thomas Jefferson on that one!

When we aren't decluttering our life, we are having lots of fun at the nursery. If you missed the Houseplants Seminar last week, don't worry, we recorded the whole thing for you. We plan to offer the seminar again later in the spring, probably around Mother's Day. Speaking of spring, the event schedule through April is posted, and each week in February, more and more beautiful plants will be arriving at the nursery. Spring is Coming. It always does. We can't wait.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Houseplants clean the air you breathe.

Garden Tip
Houseplant Care
When you can't be outside in the garden, be inside! Houseplants are a great way to clean the air you breathe and to add a touch of nature to indoor spaces. If you've tried houseplants and haven't been successful, try the tips below and check out the video of last Saturday's Houseplants Seminar. For our full houseplant care sheet and a list of our favorite easy-care houseplants, click here.

Light - Houseplants don't need tons of sunlight, but they do need some. Pick a location in your home that has a bright sunny window so that plenty of natural light will reach the leaves of your plants. My rule of thumb is that the room should be bright with all of the lights off. That shows you that there is plenty of sunshine coming inside. 

Water - You know that we love to lecture you about watering. For outdoor plants, underwatering is usually the biggest issue. For indoor plants, overwatering is one of the most common problems that we see. So don't kill your new #plantbabies with kindness. For most houseplants, you only want to water when the plant has dried out. And don't forget that too wet can look like too dry. Check the soil for dampness before watering.  

Humidity - Most houseplants are native to humid, jungle climates (hence urban jungling). Our indoor spaces are constantly dehumidified to keep us comfortable. To increase the humidity for your indoor plants, either give them an occasional misting or keep a saucer with water underneath them.

Keep Leaves Clean - There is always dust settling on surfaces in your home, and that same dust settles on the leaves of your houseplants. Make sure that you occasionally wipe or brush the leaves clean to make sure they get all the sunlight that they need.

Bring Nature Indoors  with houseplants. There are so many to choose from that pretty soon, you'll have your own urban jungle.

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