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January 26, 2012   

The foliage on a purple leaf plum
really stands out in a landscape.

The calendar says spring isn't for another two months, but with weather like we've been having, it sure feels like spring is already here. Take advantage of the warm weather and plant a beautiful flowering tree in your yard. It's the ideal time to plant them while they are still dormant. Plus, all of the flowering trees listed below are cold-hardy, so you won't have to worry about them, even if our temperatures do dip a little bit. 

Olives ripening on the tree.
New fruit trees have started arriving at Kerby's too, including four varieties of olive trees. Next week's e-newsletter will be all about growing olives and feature instructions on preparing olives at home. The olive tree is a beautiful tree with unique twisting branches and silvery foliage that is highly ornamental. Also new at the nursery are dwarf varieties of apples, peaches and nectarines and new varieties of persimmons, including gionbo, sheng and ichi. Enjoy this beautiful weather and see below for the schedule of workshops and events planned for this season.

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Spring Flowering Trees

Nothing adds shade, color and style to a landscape like a flowering tree. Many different varieties of flowering trees grow well in our area, and some of our favorites are listed below. During the winter, these trees are dormant, so it makes this time of year the ideal time for planting. See Kerby's planting instructions for information on planting trees correctly.

Redbud - Brilliant pink blooms cover this medium sized tree in spring time, signaling the end of winter. The heart-shaped leaves emerge after the spectacular flower show is over, providing soft shade. For even more color, try the Forest Pansy variety which has deep burgundy leaves.

White Flowering Dogwood - No noisy barking, no biting the postman, just beautiful white flowers in springtime. It will need food and water though! The dogwood is a classic spring flowering tree that is native to Florida.




Purple Leaf Plum - After a burst of snow white flowers in spring, this tree puts out its deep purple leaves that will add color throughout the year to your landscape.





Japanese Magnolia - Also called the tulip tree, because of the large tulip-like flowers that emerge in spring, this flowering tree puts on a show that is bound to get a standing ovation. As the tree ages, the flowers become a darker pink color.



Upcoming Events

Kerby's has lots of fun planned for the garden in 2012, including workshop favorites on vegetables, herbs and roses, as well as some new workshops on bulbs and trees. There has never been a better time to Discover the Fun of Gardening.


Workshop: Planting Spring Bulbs
Saturday, February 18th at 10:00 am

Bulbs are like a little surprise in the garden each year as they emerge in the spring. With many unique and beautiful flowers, bulbs are a great way to add easy color. This workshop will teach you all about bulbs, including the best way to plant and care for them. And we'll demonstrate using bulbs to make beautiful patio planters.


Workshop: Spring Vegetable Gardening
Saturday, February 25th at 10:00 am

Healthier, tastier vegetables are easy to grow, and in this workshop, you'll get all the information you need to get your vegetable garden going this spring. We'll also talk a bit about raised garden beds and how to grow veggies in them.


Workshop: Cold Hardy Landscaping
Saturday, March 3rd at 10:00 am

Tough plants for Florida Gardens are the feature in this workshop. You'll see some amazing plants that are great at taking whatever mother nature throws at them. We'll also teach you some tricks for creating a beautiful landscape. Featuring our We Plan You Plant service, for anyone wanting a jumpstart on a gorgeous landscape.



Spring Fling
Saturday, March 10 10am - 4pm

Bring on the color! You won't be able to resist all the amazing flowers we've found for this year. Come out on Saturday and enjoy some fresh-popped popcorn and lemonade and take a stroll around the boardwalk to see all of this season's new arrivals.  There will also be a fun activity for the kids!


Workshop: Planting and Caring for Trees
Saturday, March 17th at 10:00 am

Do you want a wonderful shade canopy that adds value to your house? Or a spring-flowering tree that lights up your landscape? Then you need a tree! This workshop will teach you all about planting and caring for new trees and give you all the tricks we use to make sure a tree gets off to a good start. We'll also talk about caring for trees as they grow to maximize growth and beauty.





Workshop: Growing Delicious Herbs
Saturday, March 24 at 10am

We all love food. And we love food even more when it's cooked with tasty herbs.  Growing your own herb garden is easy and it is a great way to always have fresh herbs for all of your favorite recipes. Come to this workshop to learn all about growing herbs and what herbs can be used for.





Workshop: Fruit Trees for Small Spaces
Saturday, March 31st at 10:00 am

Juicy and delicious, there is nothing like picking fruit from a tree you've grown and eating it on the spot. But not everyone has a huge yard with room for an orchard. At this fruit tree workshop we'll focus on some new dwarf varieties of fruit trees that are great for your yard, and talk about how to keep trees smaller when space is limited.




3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 7th at 10am SHARP!
Please note the Easter egg hunt is on Saturday

Bring your Easter basket and get ready for a whole lot of fun . . . it's the 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt at Kerby's. Starting right at 10:00am, be ready to hunt and see how many Easter Eggs you can find hidden among the beautiful flowers.



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