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January 18, 2018   
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I think she may be a little overdressed for winter in Florida.

To look at the outfit my daughter put on the other day, you would have to say she is a true Floridian. I mean, really, a snowsuit for a thirty degree morning? Okay, she was really trying on clothes for an upcoming trip to northern Minnesota, where a snowsuit is a requirement. She ended up coming back inside because she was sweating . . . But anyways, what is this winter trying to do to us! This morning was our third freezing night of the season. I'm sure it's taking a toll on your plants. These freezes have been especially tough on plants because we were so warm, not just for so many years, but through November and December. That makes plants grow when they should be hunkering down, and that new growth is much more likely to suffer cold damage. Now, just remember to be patient. I know it's tough to stare at burnt leaves and droopy plants, but give it a few more weeks and then you can start pruning, fertilizing and getting everything back to beautiful. (For a reminder of what to do and what not to do, see our First Aid for Freeze Damage.)

And now our temperatures look like they will return to the normal, gorgeous weather we are used to having in winter. And that's great, because while it has been cold, I've been planning this season's garden. Have you? Our little cold snaps are great times to create a landscape plan so that you are ready to go in the spring, plot out your vegetable garden and or figure out where to plant trees for your fruit forest.  I love taking this time of year to sip a cup of hot coffee and dream about my gardens. What will I plant, what will I grow. The imagination stage is part of the fun of gardening, because you are only limited by what you can dream up. So dream big, enjoy the gorgeous weather (you know you'll be complaining about the heat soon enough) and don't forget to have some fun in the garden.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Kale colors quickly after a freeze.
Featured Plant
Flowering Kale
Brassica oleracea

A lot of plants look worse after a frost or freeze, but the flowering kale only looks better. It goes from plain green leaves to bright whites and rich reds in just a matter of days following a freeze. They make lovely texture accents in containers and in landscapes, and they give a little bright color during the winter months.
My poor mango tree! It was covered, but the cold still damaged it a little bit.
Garden Tip
 First Aid for Freeze Damage

This winter won't quit! Another freeze and another cold week are behind us now. The biggest advice we give to people when they call about freeze damage is to be patient. Your first instinct will be to run out and prune away all the damage. But don't do it yet. Be patient and let's get a little closer to spring. Then you'll prune and fertilize to get flush of spring growth. Right now, those dead leaves and branches will provide a little insulation if we do have another cold snap. And if we do get another frost or freeze, plants that have been pruned would sustain another (and probably worse) round of damage. Read more here about First Aid for Freeze Damage. And don't worry, spring will be here before you know it.
Just In
Bush Daisy

Bright color on a hardy plant. of bright color.
6" Pot - $5.99
Foxtail Fern

Hardy texture for sun or shade.
10" Pot - $16.99

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Large, fiddle shaped leaves help clean the air in your home.
10" Pot - $29.99

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