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January 16, 2018   
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A freeze warning is in effect for our area.
What is this winter trying to do to us! Depending on which weather forecast you look at (accuweather, noaa,, weather underground), temperatures range from 27 to 31 each night for Thursday morning, so it looks like we are in for another freeze. For those of you new to the area, this is definitely the coldest winter since 2011! Prepare to protect your favorite plants again, especially if they've already sustained some damage. Below are 5 of our best tips for protecting your plants.  If you haven't stocked up on the materials you need, we have a dozen or so frost blankets left for sale at the nursery (that's as of Tuesday morning).

Since it will be so cold and most of our plants at the nursery are packed into the greenhouse, we're shortening our hours a little this week. Wednesday, we'll be open 9 - 4, Thursday, we'll be open 10 - 4 and Friday we'll be open 10 - 5. Stay warm and look on the bright side - Sunday's high is supposed to be near 77. That's Florida for you!

Stay Warm and Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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5 Tips for Protecting Plants
1. Do not use plastic. Only use cloth to cover plants, such as a frost blanket.
2. Cover plants to the ground. Attach blankets to the ground with landscape staples to prevent cold wind from blowing the warmed air out.
3. Use stakes for support. To keep the weight of the cloth off of young trees, use a tall stake as support.
4. Water plants well. The rain this morning helps, but cold sucks the water out of plants, causing more damamge. Well watered plants survive the cold better.
5. Cover plants early. Covering at the last minute doesn't allow the air under the blankets to warm up. Cover early in the afternoon to allow the sun to warm the air giving your plants the most protection.

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