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January 16, 2014   

This fig tree was planted many years ago by Kim and Mark's grandfather.

When you love plants, it is always sad to see a tree reach the end of its life. This week at the nursery we had to cut down the old fig tree that was on the corner of the store. It was planted many years ago by Kim and Mark's Grandpa Kerby. The fig tree saw a lot of changes at the nursery over the years and it always managed to hold strong. It even survived the removal of the old house that it used to be planted next to. The past couple of years it has provided us with two huge harvests of figs each season, but this fall it seemed like it was finally reaching the end of its life. Fortunately, we made some cuttings from it, so we'll continue to have Grandpa Kerby figs in the future. It's amazing the memories that certain plants can make, and we were sad to see this one go. Maybe we'll have Larry (the new Grandpa Kerby) plant something in its place along with the new generation of Kerby's so that Abigail, Tally, Nathan and Madeleine can talk about the day they helped plant a tree together with Grandpa at the nursery.

A shipment of spring flowering trees just arrived at Kerby's.

Even though mother nature can't seem to decide if it is really winter or not, we're getting ready for gardening like it is spring. A new shipment of spring flowering trees arrived (see the article below for more info). This time of year, while these trees are dormant, is the perfect time to plant. They go through less transplant shock and are ready to flower and grow when spring arrives. A new shipment of low-chill fruit trees (peaches, apples, pears, plums and nectarines) also arrived. In both cases, the trees are cold-hardy and in fact, they need the cold weather. So even if we get cold again, you won't have to worry about them. Enjoy the cooler weather while we have it, and find a spot for a beautiful tree in your garden. Who knows what kind of memories you will create.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Spring Flowering Trees

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New Shipment of Camellias
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Spring Flowering Trees

Nothing adds shade, color and style to a landscape like a flowering tree. Many different varieties of flowering trees grow well in our area, and some of our favorites are listed below. During the winter, most of these trees are dormant, making the winter and spring the ideal time for planting. See Kerby's planting instructions for information on planting trees correctly.

Redbud - Brilliant pink blooms cover this medium sized tree in spring time, signaling the end of winter. The heart-shaped leaves emerge after the spectacular flower show is over, providing soft shade.

White Flowering Dogwood - No noisy barking, no biting the postman, just beautiful white flowers in springtime. It will need food and water though! The dogwood is a classic spring flowering tree that is native to Florida.



Purple Leaf Plum - After a burst of snow white flowers in spring, this tree puts out its deep purple leaves that will add color throughout the year to your landscape.





Japanese Magnolia - Also called the tulip tree, because of the large tulip-like flowers that emerge in spring, this flowering tree puts on a show that is bound to get a standing ovation. As the tree ages, the flowers become a darker pink color.




Upcoming Events

Workshop: Growing Cold-Hardy Fruit Trees
Saturday, February 15th at 10:00 am

There is nothing better than picking fresh fruit from your backyard tree. And it's even better when it is a cold-hardy tree and you can sit back and relax during the winter. From apples, peaches and nectarines to persimmons and figs, we'll talk about delicious fruits that are easy to grow and are hardy too. 



Workshop: Spring Vegetable Gardening
Saturday, February 22nd at 10:00 am

Healthier, tastier vegetables are easy to grow, and in this workshop, you'll get all the information you need to get your vegetable garden going this spring.




Miniature Gardening
Saturday, March 1st

Come learn how to make a cool mini garden. We may make this a hands-on workshop so that you can build your own and take a lovely mini-garden home with you. More details coming soon.



Spring Fling
Saturday, March 8th

Spring is the time for getting out in the garden and Kerby's wants to celebrate. Join us for our annual spring fling, where the blooming flowers of spring are the stars. Plus, we'll have some fun activities for kids, special gardening workshops and more. Check back soon for more details.





Workshop: Hardy, Low-maintenance Landscaping
Saturday, March 15th at 10:00 am

Come out and learn how to create a gorgeous landscape design. It's easier than you think! We'll talk about tough plants, easy plants and beautiful plants. Plus we'll show you how to add accents and pottery to give your garden the extra spark.






Workshop: Growing Tropical Fruit Trees
Saturday, March 22nd at 10am

There are so many amazing tropical fruit trees that can be grown in central Florida. At this workshop, we'll give you our best tips and tricks for growing and caring for tropical fruit trees. We'll also show you all of the amazing variety available in our area. After the workshop, we'll sample a few so that you can see how delicious they really are.




Workshop: Butterfly Gardening
Saturday, March 29th at 10am

Bring on the butterflies! Butterfly gardening is a fun way to get everyone involved in the garden. Plus the plants that butterflies love are beautiful to us too. Come out to this workshop and learn the best way to attract butterflies to your garden. 




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