Fur vs. Feather
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January 14, 2021
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Fur vs. Feather
by Joey Bokor

You seem like you probably need a cute puppy picture, so here you go. This is Pearl with her Christmas present from my mother, her very own squeaky composition book. Every dog should have one.

But don't let her cute little face and innocent eyes fool you. She is, apparently, a hunter. I've told you stories about our chickens before, and most of the stories have been about one chicken in particular named Heihei. She has always been an odd bird, pecking to the beat of her own drum. And while most of the flock is happy to just be, this biddy is always looking for adventure. She is the first to find a way out of the coop, whether it is through a hole under the fence or, if we forget to clip her flight feathers, over the fence.

She may think twice about doing it again. The other day, the girls and Kim were in the schoolroom working on their lessons, when suddenly the yard erupted in squawking. When they looked down into the yard, they saw Heihei running like her life depended on it, with Pearl in hot pursuit. A rescue mission was quickly put into action. Pearl managed to get close to Heihei more than once, but never quite caught her (thankfully!) Finally, Heihei found a spot under some ligustrums and as Pearl was analyzing the best attack plan, Kim scooped up a grateful chicken. Heihei is the last chicken that likes to be picked up and she is always hard to catch. This time, it seemed she had spent most of her energy and was happy to be safely out of Pearl's reach.

We now know what happens when Pearl meets the chickens up close. There is a dog on Youtube that my girls think is hilarious, and this clip is all I could think of when Kim told me what happened: Tucker Budzyn and Chimkin . Now, Heihei's wings are clipped and since this incident, we have not had another meeting of fur and feather. Let's hope peace continues to reign.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

p.s. I discovered this music video this week, and it has become my theme song for this year: Turn off the News and Build a Garden . There are a few explicit lyrics, so listen when the kids aren't around.

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The Weekly Special
Peaches, Apples and Pears - 10% Off
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Some Fruits Like it Cold

Many fruit trees love tropical weather and long, sunny days with lots of warmth. There are some fruit trees, such as apples, peaches, and pears, that actually need cold weather in the winter to flower and fruit properly. Those trees are loving this week! Many varieties of these favorites won't thrive this far south because we don't get cold enough, but there are certain varieties of apples, peaches, and pears that are cultivated especially for this area. Those are the only varieties that Kerby's carries.

At Kerby's you'll hear the staff say Low Chill Fruit Trees and you'll probably wonder what in the world they are talking about. Apples, peaches, and pears belong to a group of fruits called Low Chill or Dormant fruit trees. These fruit trees require cold weather in order to flower and fruit properly. What they really need is a chance to go dormant. It's pretty obvious that up north, with lots of cold weather, trees have plenty of time to go dormant in the winter. This is when they store energy for a spring flush of flowers and fruit. In Florida, it doesn't always get that cold. In order to enjoy these types of trees, varieties that don't need a lot of cold weather are required.

That is where the term Low Chill comes from. To get fruit from these types of trees in our area, they must have a low-chill requirement. Chill requirement is the number of hours below 45 degrees F that a tree needs in order to go dormant properly. Our local area typically receives anywhere from 200 to 300 chill hours on average. So the fruit tree you select should be in this range. (You can push the bounds a little in either direction; 200 to 300 is a historical average for the entire bay area. Seffner, Brandon, Valrico and Plant City are typically a little colder.)

The bottom line is that you can grow fruits like peaches, apples, and pears in our area, but you have to select the right varieties. Kerby's makes it easy, by only carrying varieties that can deal with our milder winters. So come on out and find something delicious to plant.

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