The Dirt on Soil
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Life Lived Outside
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January 13, 2022
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The Dirt on Soil
by Joey Bokor

A while back, I wrote an edition of Life Lived Outside that highlighted the book The Nature Fix. An entire book devoted to telling us something we already know - that plants make us happy, and plants make us healthy. A micro-dose of nature each day increases our feelings of well-being, making us feel less stressed, more grounded, and just plain happier.

And it isn't just plants. Various studies over the years have shown that there are compounds in the soil that have healthful properties, giving us the ultimate proof that getting our hands dirty is just what the doctor ordered. And even if everything about the connection between plants, soil, and health is not completely understood, we all know how good being out in the garden is good for us.

And the thing is, soil isn't just good for us, it is one of the critical things for making plants grow well. Most of you probably don't have backyards filled with loamy, rich dirt that allows every plant to thrive no matter what you do. Instead, you probably have a yard full of Florida sugar sand. That's where great soil comes in. This year at Kerby's, we've upgraded the soil that we carry to make sure your new plants are certain to thrive. It's something your plants will adore, and it's called Black Gold®. These new soils are an improvement on the custom blends that we have sold at Kerby's for years. The first big change is that they are all OMRI certified and organic, better for you and better for Mother Earth. More details about the new soils are below. So, when you come in to get beautiful plants for your garden, don't forget to pick up some Black Gold® soil as well.

With the new year well underway, we've posted our schedule of events for the Spring season. We'll kick it off on Saturday, February 12th at 10am with our first make-and-take hands-on workshop. Flower expert Jo Donohoe will demonstrate creating a gorgeous cut flower bouquet for Valentine's Day and then help you put one together. We hope you'll come out to make a bouquet for your sweetheart or just to treat yourself. The workshop will be limited to 20 attendees and will have a registration fee of $25. Details and directions for registration will be posted online soon.

And then we'll continue the fun the following week, with yours truly teaching you all about growing veggies in Florida. It's always my favorite workshop of the season. All of this will lead up to our March 5th Spring Fling, which will be a day filled with garden workshops, demonstrations, and the official opening of The Farmhouse at Kerby's. Let's make it a year to remember in the garden, filled with health, happiness, and of course gorgeous flowers.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

p.s. We are actively hiring for our spring season. Plant knowledge is a bonus, but not required. What is important is that you love talking to people and want to help spread Kerby's values of success, beauty, honesty, happiness, and fun. Click here to learn more.

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Black Gold® Soils

This year, we are introducing a new line of soils to make your gardens thrive like never before. If you've used our custom Kerby's soils over the years, you're going to love this new line. They are all organic and OMRI certified, and in addition to similar ingredients to our Kerby's soil, they have the addition of some Canadian peat with is a super-rich natural material good for adding organic nutrition to a plants root system. Check out the new soils below, we can't wait to see what you grow.

Black Gold® Natural & Organic Garden Soil

The starting point of our new Black Gold line, this blend is formulated for just about everything that you want to plant with a rich mix of canadian peat, aged park, and compost. These ingredients add organic nitrogen to your soil and generally improve soil structure with high-quality organic material. Better soil means stronger roots and stronger plants.
Black Gold® Natural & Organic Garden Compost

For those of you that always loved using Kerby's Pine Soil for your acid-loving plants. This compost blend is now our go-to for planting roses, azaleas, gardenias, camellias, and ixoras, just to name a few. It's ultra-rich blend of compost, peat, and aged pine bark still allows for great drainage which is important in our Florida summers, and gives plants the rich materials they need to grow well and to take up the other nutrients they need to grow strong, sturdy and healthy.
Black Gold® Natural & Organic Potting Mix

If you are growing flowers, veggies, or herbs in raised beds or container gardens, look no further than this potting mix. In addition to the peat, compost, and aged bark that comprises the previous soils, this potting mix has perlite, earthworm castings, RESiLIENCE® (a silicon additive), and organic fertilizer. This potting mix is certified as a Premium Potting Mix by the Mulch and Soil Council®.
Black Gold® Natural & Organic Flower & Vegetable Potting Soil

Want your flowers, veggies and herbs to grow better than ever? Then give this soil a try. It is formulated just for those quick-growing plants, the ones that you want to grow and produce harvests and flowers in a short period of time. The rich materials help the plant develop quickly and take up all of the nutrients for growth, flowers, and healthy veggies.
Black Gold® Ultra Outdoor Planting Mix

All this talk about flowers and vegetables has your shrubs and trees jealous, and we don't want to leave the foundations of your landscape out. This ultra planting mix has nutrients in all the right places to reach every part of your outdoor plants and make them grow like never before. It is formulated for plants that grow a little more slowly and need long-lasting healthy soil, rather than a quick uptake of nutrients like flowers and veggies. Your next tree or shrub will be so much happier when you plant it in Ultra Outdoor Planting Mix.

New Arrivals
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