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January 10, 2019   
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Filling up The Punkin'

Everyone has a friend with a truck, right? The person you call when the lumber won't fit in your sedan, or maybe when you need a load of plants from your favorite nursery, but you just had your car cleaned. When I was growing up, we didn't just have a friend with a truck. We had a grandpa with an El Camino. And not just any El Camino. She was nick-named 'The Punkin'. OK so I was definitely riding with my dad in her once and it stalled going across Dale Mabry Highway, but how much cooler does it get than cruising in a sleek 70s car. I mean truck . . . or car . . . or whatever it is.

We used The Punkin for a variety of things, but the one task I remember the most was also the dirtiest: picking up horse manure. I'm not sure how we had a connection with a horse farm, but every now and then we would go out to collect a load of fresh horse manure. We'd pile it around our yard and then over time we'd use it to fertilize flower beds and gardens. And it wasn't only me that got in on the fun. One summer some family friends stayed over and
Everyone pitches in.
they 'got' to help out loading up the manure. I'm sure it is one of their cherished childhood memories. I mean some kids wash the dishes. Some kids take out the trash. It's only really special kids that have chores involving horse manure.

And speaking of manure, it is time to start getting your gardens ready for the spring season. I know it seems early to think about spring activities, but in January when the weather is delightful, it's a great time to get some chores around the yard done. See below for some of my favorite January to-dos. There is nothing better than living in Florida where you can get out in the garden 365 days a year.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

Forward to a Friend

January is a great time for garden tasks.

Garden Tip
January Garden To-dos
The calendar says it is winter and all you want to do is curl up with some hot cocoa in a warm blanket. But before you do that, make sure you've tackled some important garden tasks for January. Now is a great month to enjoy sun-kissed afternoons without the blistering heat and humidity of summer. Once your garden prep is done, you will be ready for an amazing spring planting seaason.

Enrich the Soil - If you are planning a spring vegetable garden, then now is a great time to prepare the soil. That will give the soil six weeks or so to settle and come together. You'll be all ready to plant when veggie starts arrive at the nursery.

Prune Deciduous Shrubs and Trees - Now is the time to prune any shrubs and trees that are deciduous (that lose their leaves in the winter). Top on this list are crape myrtles. Prune now, so that when spring arrives they flush out with new growth perfectly from where you trimmed.

Plant Flowers - 'But it's winter. I never planted flowers up north in the winter . . .' We hear it all the time. But you moved here (or live here) for a reason. Gorgeous flowers are available and bloom all year long. Plant cool season favorites like petunias, pansies and geraniums now for bright, happy color throughout the winter season.

Dig a Little - Planning a new flower bed or garden? Now is the best weather for getting out and doing some hard work. It's cool and you won't (usually) get dehydrated and over-heated. So dig out some sod, pull some weeds and clean up the leaves that are falling. With the hard work done now, spring will be a breeze.

Check Sprinklers - You aren't running them much now, but rather than wait until you need them in March, run each sprinkler zone and check for leaks and clogs.

Garden Inside - If Mother Nature does feel like pretending it is winter for a few day, never fear, you can still garden indoors. Repot houseplants that are aching for some root room, or start your indoor jungle by finding a nice sunny spot for a few of nature's indoor air purifiers.

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