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February 28, 2019   
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She might just be a true Flower Child

The other day, Kim was working with Abby on her math lessons and Maddy had a little free time, so she asked Kim if she could write a book. To give the girls writing practice and a creative outlet, we take a few sheets of blank paper and put them together so that they make a short, blank booklet. Kim made a blank book for Maddy and away she went into the backyard.  She kept coming back to Kim and asking the names of plants and flowers in the yard, but she didn't give any indication as to why she wanted to know them. When she finally showed us what she was doing, this is what we got: The Flower Book.

She had a few blank pages left, so she asked if she could walk with someone around the front yard to get a few more items to finish off the book. To top it off, she made herself a crown of leaves. It's like she's been raised in the garden!

A Flower Book couldn't come at a more perfect time. I'm pretty sure we are past #SpringisComing and are at #SpringisHere. It is the perfect time of year to enjoy being outside with the fresh air and gorgeous flowers that Mother Nature provides. Her palette is unparalleled.

I do wish I could get Maddy to create a Flower Book for the nursery, but the 100+ pages it would take might overwhelm her 5-year-old patience. Until then, peruse some pictures here, and come say hi to Patrick in the flower section. He'll help you find some happiness to plant in your garden.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Mother Nature dazzles with color

Garden Tip
Tips for Planting Spring Flowers

Spring. A time for refreshing and replanting. Time to wake your flower beds up from their winter slumber. And no matter what color, shape or size you like, there is something for your garden. Below are some tips for planting spring flowers and keeping them happy, healthy and full of color. And click here for pictures of some of the new arrivals.

1) Plant well - Dig a hole, bury and be done? Not at Kerby's. We want you to plant so that flowers will keep on growing and blooming. Dig nice wide holes, but not deep holes. And use Kerby's Planting Soil to make sure plants have something rich and delicious (well, they think it's delicious) to grow into. Tamp the soil to remove air pockets and thoroughly soak the area to give the new plant a good drink of water.

2) Water - I know you get tired of hearing us to tell you to water, but because plants need water, we won't stop reminding you. Water new flowers daily in the morning for the first month. And make sure you always, always, always water in the morning. In the second month water every other day and in the third month, water twice per week. It's hot in Florida, so you are likely to stick with a twice weekly schedule 

3) Fertilize - At planting time use 14-14-14 Controlled Release Fertilizer with osmocote in the planting hole to continuously feed for up to 120 days. In between hit flowers with Foxfarm's Tiger Bloom for consistent reblooming.

4) Deadheading - Snip or pinch dead and dying flowers off as soon as you see them. This fools the plant into thinking it needs to flower again and you get to enjoy more blooms.

4) Plant Away - What are you waiting for? Some of our friends up north have to wait until Mother's Day to enjoy their gardens. You get to do it in February. It's a great thing to live in Florida.

New Arrivals
Supertunia Bubblegum

Bright, beautiful color
6" Pot - $6.99
Happiness is Planting Daisies

Blue-Eyed Beauty
6" Pot - $5.99
Bring on the Butterflies

Milkweed is Here
6" Pot - $5.99

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