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February 26, 2015   

A new variety of kalanchoe, just in this week.
Hopefully all of your favorite plants survived our 2-day Florida winter. We spent the better part of two days moving everything into the greenhouse, and then two days moving it back out. But fortunately all of our fruits and flowers spent the coldest night snug inside. Now, with the cold behind us, it is time to start thinking spring. Besides beautiful flowers, see the section below for some of the cool vines that grow in our area that can help add beauty to unused vertical space in your garden. Spring really is the best season of the year for a gardener. Time to oil the clippers, get out the gloves and get ready to have some fun in the garden.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Featured Plant

Having a Vine Time

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Spring Bulbs
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Featured Plant
Garlic Vine
10" Pot

Garlic Vine
Cydista aequinoctialis
Perfect for your garden, maybe not so much for spaghetti. The bright purple flowers bloom in spring and fall on this lovely vine. Both the leaves and the flowers give off have a subtle garlic fragrance, creating a feast for the eyes and the nose. Great for bright color on any trellis, arbor or pergola.

Having a Vine Time

 When you run out of space in a garden, you have to start thinking vertical. Vines are a wonderful way to add flowers to unused vertical space, to block out pesky neighbors or to provide a softer barrier to your yard than a fence does. So find a trellis, some lattice, or just let a vine run wild on your fence. Wherever you grow them, they will fill your yard with beautiful flowers or even bring butterflies to call. So check out some of the cool vines that grow well in our area. After all spring is a 'vine' time to get out in your garden and have some fun.

Florida Flame Vine - In late winter, we always get a question about the big trees that are blooming orange around town. Our response is that it isn't a tree, it's the florida flame vine (to which we often get incredulous looks). It may be hard to believe, but that winter-time orange is really a vine that has grown up the trees. The flame vine is fast-growing and will fill a fence or arbor quickly. The late winter blooms will really light up your garden.

Chinese Hat Plant - This woody vine can be grown like a shrub, a small tree or allowed to climb up a trellis or fence. The cool reddish flowers look like little hats.

Purple Wings - Don't let this beautiful vine fly out of your garden. The large purple flower look like a set of wings. A fast grower for any arbor or pergola.

Passion Flower - Another fast grower with gorgeous flowers in purple, red or burgundy. This vine has a bonus - butterflies. Planted in the sun the gulf fritillary will lay eggs on it, and planted in shade, the zebra longwings lay their eggs on it. Beautiful flowers and beautiful butterflies.

Confederate Jasmine - This fragrant vine ushers in summertime with its sweet smell. Hardy and evergreen, it is one ofthe easiest vines for covering a fence or for great fragrance over a pergola.




Upcoming Events


Spring Fling
Saturday & Sunday, March 7th & 8th

Come on out and celebrate spring! The flowers and beautiful colors of the season are always the stars of the show. And if the spring season isn't enough reason for a celebration, than we'll add on a Kerby's Birthday. We are 35 this year! So get outside, get your hands dirty and enjoy the beauty of spring in Florida.



6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 4th at 10am SHARP!
Please note the Easter egg hunt is on Saturday

Bring your Easter basket and get ready for a whole lot of fun . . . it's the 6th annual Easter Egg Hunt at Kerby's. Starting right at 10:00am, be ready to hunt and see how many Easter Eggs you can find hidden among the beautiful flowers.




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