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The Kerby's E-Newsletter for February 23, 2017   

A 1924 penny, found in the change drawer.

A few weeks ago while making change for a customer, I noticed a penny that didn't look like the others in the till. It wasn't shiny and was pretty worn-out. Sure enough, it was a wheat penny and when I flipped it over, I saw that it was minted in 1924.  Since I was a little kid, I've been an amateur coin collector. My friends used to make fun of me, and I would get into long debates with them over whether baseball cards were more practical to collect than boring old coins. (I still have my coins, I wonder if they still have their baseball cards?)

The tooth fairy brough Abby
a silver dollar.
I never collected anything valuable, but I do have a few cool coins: a flying eagle cent, a two cent-piece and a twenty-cent piece are some of my favorites. I always liked collecting as a way of discovery. Going to a shop and buying a coin wasn't as exciting as discovering old pennies in change or an old piggy bank. Even now, I always pull out the wheat pennies or silver quarters from the change drawers. They aren't worth much, but there is just something about old coins that makes me save them.  I mean, what a story a 1924 penny could write, if it could tell us where it has been! The funny thing is, I've got Abby hunting for coins as we walk through parking lots and pedestrian areas and she makes sure to check the year to see if I need it for my collection. Abby even recently asked the tooth fairy for a silver dollar, to start her own collection!

So, no matter what you collect, whether it's coins, baseball cards or teddy bears, get out and add to your collection. Have some fun discovering. And if you need to add to your plant collection, you know that Kerby's is always here to help you discover the fun of gardening.


Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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