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February 22, 2018   
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Time to plant your veggie gardens.

I saw a headline on Sunday evening that said 'Snow and record cold plunge southward through western US.' and I sort of said to myself, I am glad I don't live there. I don't mind the cold, but this warm weather is absolutely delightful. I always feel lucky to live in Florida. Because it's warm and sunny, even in February. You could go to the beach, lay by the pool or plant a vegetable garden. I think I said that in the wrong order. Plant your veggie garden, then go to the beach, lay by the pool or just grab a cold drink and relax and admire your work.  This past weekend, we got started on our own veggie garden and enlisted the help of all the kids. Don't let the picture fool you, their focus didn't last that long, but they did have fun getting their hands dirty.

Some people sing 'It's the most wonderful time of the year' about the Christmas season. We sing it about Spring. It's warm, it's dry, the sun is out and the air is not-quite-so-humid. It's the perfect time to plant the perfect plants. I can't count the number of trucks that have rolled into the nursery this week. Everytime we turn around - another delivery. So come on out and enjoy the warm end to "Winter" in Florida. And don't forget that we kick off this season's workshops with the Spring Veggie Gardening workshop this Saturday at 10am. It's going to be a great season for fun in the garden.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Garden Tip
 Planting a Veggie Garden

We hear the exact same thing from lots of customers: 'I used to grow a garden in (insert a state up north here ...) and it was so easy, but I can't get anything to grow well here in Florida.'  They're right, gardening in Florida is a challenge. The first key is starting at the right time - now! Get those gardens planted. You'll harvest tomatos and peppers in about 70 days or so, which will get your largest harvests done before the real heat of summer kicks in. The second key is to use a rich soil. Florida soil is notoriously poor and sandy and not great for growing veggies. Amend with something such as Kerby's Planting Soil or Black Kow to enrich the soil and get your gardens off to a great start. For more veggie garden info, click here and don't forget to come out for the workshop, this Saturday the 24th at 10am.
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