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February 8, 2018   
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Get a visual design with Kerby's Garden Design Service.

Hey there, this is Mark Kerby. I'm taking over the e-newsletter this week to tell you all about our new Garden Design Service.  If you're like me, you cry a little each time you walk past some of the plants in your yard. Plants that were blooming like crazy just a month or so ago are now droopy and dropping leaves. Grass that was lush and green is now crunchy and brown. You've read our First Aid for Freeze Damage, so you know that you can't start trimming everything back just yet (I know, I know, it's hard). You're probably a little scared to plant, just in case it gets cold again (you know we always have a cold snap around the strawberry festival.

So what can you do? Well, I'm glad you asked. What you can do now is start to plan for the spring planting season. And if you need a little extra help figuring out which gorgeous cold-hardy plants to use (see some of my favorites below) you can take advantage of our new garden design service. I know that sometimes figuring out which plants look good together, which plants grow well together and which plants take the same conditions can be overwhelming, and that's where I come in. With my garden design service, you can get a visual design for an area of your landscape and when spring comes you'll be ready to plant. Check out some of my favorite cold-hardy plants below and if you want a little guidance for do-it-yourself design, see the garden tip on Creating #KerbysCurbAppeal. With a great rain this past weekend and nice mild temperatures in the 10 day forecast, I would say planting time is right around the corner.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Hardy and colorful.
Featured Plant
Sunshine Ligustrum
Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine'

You'll hear a bunch about the sunshine ligustrum this year. It is quickly becoming one of our favorite colorful plants for hardy landscapes. It is a well-behaved shrub, slowly growing three or four feet tall (and it can easily be kept at two feet if needed.) But the best thing is that it is cold hardy to 10 below zero, so it can easily handle a winter like the one we've had this year. So if you need a pop of hardy color, add sunshine ligustrum to your landscape.
A little planning goes a long way.
Garden Tip
 Creating #KerbysCurbAppeal

After 6 winters without a freeze, we finally got one. Although the temperature never got below 27, three cold nights in a row took their toll on more sensitive plants. The biggest advice we give to people when they call about freeze damage is to be patient. Your first instinct will be to run out and prune away all the damage. But don't do it yet. Be patient and let's get a little closer to spring. Right now is a great time to plan for what you will plant in the spring. Make notes of what didn't do well, where the cold spots were in your yard, and look for new options if you don't want to replant the same thing. Click here for a little more info on Creating #KerbysCurbAppeal.
Just In
Kaleidoscope Abelia

Lovely, bright foliage
10" Pot - $19.99
Ever Red Loropetalum

Tried and true hardy color.
10" Pot - $24.99

Coral Knockout

Disease resistant and cold-hardy
10" Pot - $29.99

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