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February 1, 2018   
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Enjoy, squirrels!

I'm not typically a big fan of squirrels. My harvest of cherokee purple tomatoes was severely diminished last season at the hand of the local band of squirrels, and we never get quite as many avocados as we'd like from my father-in-law's trees because of them.  Even as a kid, we went to great lengths to protect our pecan trees from all of the squirrels in the area. I feel like I have a history with squirrels, and not necessarily a positive one. So you wouldn't think that I would be willing to build them their very own furniture, would you.  But that's what I did for my mom this past Christmas. I built, sanded and stained a lovely table and chair set just for them to feed from. (My mom obviously feels a little differently than I do about squirrels. . .) And just a week ago, she sent me a picture showing a squirrel taking advantage of the comfortable new dinner seating. I guess if she wants to attract all of the squirrels to her house and keep them away from my garden, I'm fine with that!

Of course, between the cold weather and my chickens there isn't anything left in my veggie garden for the squirrels to bother. And I know you are like me and are anxious to get out and start replanting. But it isn't quite time yet. What you can do now is prepare the soil in your garden beds so that when planting time arrives you'll be ready. See our garden tip below for more information, and even though it's been a little rainy and a little chilly, new plants (and especially some fun hardy ones) are arriving at the nursery each day. Winter will be over before you know it!


Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Hardy and colorful.
Featured Plant
Coral Knockout Rose
Rosa 'Radral'

A new introduction to the Knockout Rose family, this shrub rose has the same great disease resistance of the original Knockouts, with gorgeous coral blooms. A bonus for our area - the coral color is even stronger in humid climates. So if you need a hardy plant, that loves the sun and blooms almost all year - the Coral Knockout rose is for you.
It's time to prepare your soil.
Garden Tip
 Preparing your Veggie Garden

I know, I know you're anxious to get your spring veggie garden planted, but it's not quite time yet. Give it a few weeks and you'll have the all clear to plant away. But it is a really great time to start preparing the soil for your spring garden. Do it now, so that when it's time to plant, you'll be ready. To read more, click here.
Just In

Nothing says spring like the bright colorful blooms of a hydrangea.
6" Pot - $19.99
Coral Knockout Rose

A new addition to the Knockout Rose family.
10" Pot - $29.99

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