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December 22, 2015   

Great-Grandma Kerby's first selfie.

There are birthdays and then there are birthdays. As each year marks our age, we celebrate many different milestones. It all starts when we turn 1. Wow a year old. And then we are 5 and ready for school. Pretty soon we are 10. Can you believe it, double digits. 16 and driving. 18 and voting, the big 3-0, over the hill and so on. But every so often, a birthday comes along that is extra special. This year, the Kerby family gets to celebrate one of those super-duper, extra-special birthdays. On Christmas Eve, Great-Grandma Kerby turns 100. Not a milestone that many people reach. What alot she must have seen over 100 years, and she's not done yet. Just the other day, she and Kim took her first selfie and posted it on facebook.

We asked her the other night what advice she might give someone for living so long and she said "Genes, lifestyle, attitude, wisdom and innovation. That's what it takes to get this old. Not gracefully, but effectively." Great advice for all of us. One of the reasons that Kerby's Nursery is even here today is that gardening was a big part of Great-Grandma's lifestyle. For many years one of her favorite things to do was to get outside and mess around in her garden, planting veggies and fruit trees, tending to orchids (we just sold the last Great-Grandma Kerby orchid last week!) and making cuttings. To this day, her driveway is still lined with pots of coleus cuttings that she made over the years.

So you know what we'll be doing on Christmas Eve. Celebrating an amazing lady on an amazing birthday. We hope that your Christmas and Holiday celebrations are wonderful and special as well. Kerby's will be open on Christmas Eve, but only until 12 (after all we have a party to go to!) After that we are taking a little time off to spend with family, and so we will be closed from December 25th through January 1st. We will re-open on January 2nd for a 2016 filled with fun in the garden. Have a safe and happy holiday season, from all of us at Kerby's.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from the Kerby Family

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