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December 21, 2017   
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Madeleine with Great Grandma Kerby

The Kerby family has something really fun to look forward to this weekend. I'll give you a hint. It's not Christmas (although we certainly look forward to that). It's Great-Grandma Kerby's 102nd birthday. Yeah, I know. That's a big number. I mean, they don't make cards for 102nd birthdays. To put it in some perspective, when she was born in 1915, Woodrow Wilson was president, the United States wasn't in World War I yet (that's World War One, not Two) and bread cost 7 cents per loaf. An amazing number of things have happened in 102 years. We've gone from no electricity to expecting to never-be-without electricity. From walking miles to talk to the neighbor, to video-chatting with people thousands of miles away. A lot sure has changed. And as each year passes, the great-grandkids get more opportunities to spend time with their great-grandmother. This week Madeleine sang a duet with her. It's amazing to see the memories they are making together. We know they will last a lifetime. 

There is lots to celebrate over the next few weeks, between birthdays, Christmas and New Years. We hope that you enjoy your holidays and this 'winter' weather we are having. If you need a last minute gift for a gardener in your life, come on by. We'll be open normal hours on Friday and Saturday (9 to 5). On Sunday, Christmas Eve, we will be open from 11 to 2, and we will be closed on Monday and Tuesday to enjoy a little extra Christmas with our families. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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