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December 19, 2019
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A Tale of Three Teeth
by Joey Bokor

How did you lose your first tooth? Or maybe a better question is how many ways did people offer to pull out your first tooth? Did Dad tell you he had a pair of pliers in his toolbox that would be perfect for tooth extraction? Or maybe tying it to the door and slamming it shut was the 'proposed' method of choice. None of those things actually ever occurred, but when you are little, I think the idea of a tooth falling out of your mouth is scary and you are not interested in assistance of any sort, especially when it consists of such dramatic methods.

Maddy has been nervous about losing her teeth, and her teeth knew it because they have been hanging on for dear life. She is almost six and a half and until last week had yet to lose a tooth. About a month ago, we noticed that there was finally some movement, a little give to her front teeth. And then all of the sudden, all four front teeth were wiggling like crazy. She has been going at it, finger and tongue, but every time we suggested taking a look and wiggling it, she would get nervous that we were going to pull and wouldn't let us look. (I promise that we weren't using any of the methods above . . .)
And then one morning, she'd really been giving a good wiggle to her bottom teeth and one finally decided it was time. Maddy came bounding down the stairs, blood on her gums, excitedly screaming 'I lost one, I lost one, now Penelope has to come see me.' For those of you that don't know, Penelope is the name of the tooth fairy.

But, do you notice something about Maddy's picture? There isn't one tooth missing, there aren't two teeth missing, there are three teeth missing, two bottoms and one top. The same day that she lost the first tooth, the one right next to it was barely attached. Feeling brave since she had lost the first tooth, I caught her while doing some yard work and gave the remaining tooth a quick wiggle and out it came. The tooth fairy got two teeth that night. Within a week, a top tooth also decided it was time to come out and that makes three. Maddy has done her part to supply the tooth fairy for this week, that's for sure.

Now we know what Maddy wants for Christmas . . . her three front teeth. And she definitely won't be saying 'Sister Susie sitting on a thistle' anytime soon. But that's her Christmas list. I'm sure your list is filled with fun garden items or a crazy plant or two that you need to have in your life. And if you're like us, there is also a gardener on your shopping list that needs something to tickle their garden fancy. Below, we've listed some of our favorite garden gift ideas. And if you can't seem to find just the right item to give, be the hero next spring by getting your gardener a Kerby's Gift Card. If you want to come by and see us, we'll be open normal store hours through December 23rd, from 9am to 2pm on December 24th and closed on Christmas Day and the day after, December 26th.

Christmas really has come up fast this year, hasn't it? Take some time to slow down through the season and always remember to be Merry and Bright. To help you with that, here is a beautiful Christmas ad from Hafod Hardware to watch. What a great reminder to be a kid this Christmas. Enjoy your holiday and Merry Christmas from all of us at Kerby's.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
Delphinium - 4 for $20
When you are tired of red and green, add a little beautiful blue to your garden this winter. These dephiniums are bright and beautiful and perfect for cool season color. This week, they are just five bucks each when you buy four. That's a savings of nearly three dollars per plant. Winter on.
6" Pot, Reg. Price - $7.99, Expires 12/26/2019

Fantastic Beasts - Elephants, alligators, egrets, flamingos and manatee statues. They are all fantastic and now you know that you can find them at Kerby's.

Have a Meowy Christmas - For the cat love, catnip, catgrass, a cat statue, or how about a Where's Willow T-Shirt celebrating our famed nursery cat Willow.

For the Plant Parent - If you know someone who is ready to have another or just ready to be a first time plant parent, come peruse the House Plant section at Kerby's. You'll find something unique that they can take home and baby.

A Rose by any Other Name - Whether you love Shakespeare or not, roses can grow can in Florida and at Kerby's we carry the right kind. Winter is a great time for planting so if someone you love wants to pick roses year after year, get them a rose bush.

The Air is Rare up There - Easy care and unique, Tillandsias are a type of plant that is oftened referred to as just Air Plants. They don't need soil, can survive in lower-light conditions and only need to be lightly watered a few times each week. while you experience all of the benefits that shade trees provide.

Make the Wind Sing - With a hand-tuned Corinthian Bells windchime. The sounds they make are amazing with deep rich tones. hang one up and you will anxiously await a breezy day.

Hoya Doing Today - Hoyas are an easy-care houseplant that quickly become a collector's obsession. There are so many unique varieties that have different foliage shapes, colors and patterns as well as beautiful albeit rare flowers. Start a collection for someone today.

Cactus Make Sharp Gifts - If you know someone who loves plants, but isn't always great at keeping them alive, get them a cactus. They are easy-care, don't require lots of water and come in a variety of shapes and textures.

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