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December 14, 2017   
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Plenty of peacocks.

I know there are peacocks around the Brandon area. We even used to have a few that would jump onto a back fence at the nursery and squawk so loud that you could hear them all the way up in the store. But the other day, we turned down a street about a block south of Highway 60 and saw more peacocks than I think I've ever seen in a zoo! At first Kim and I pointed them out to the girls, saying 'Isn't that neat, a peacock.' And then we pointed out another, and then another, and then another, and then a group of them on the roof, and pretty soon, I had to start watching where I was going because they were all over the street! They are pretty birds, but that seemed like a few more than I'd like to have on my street! Hopefully they don't do too much damage to the gardens and landscapes in that area. (but I have a feeling they might . . .) Makes me feel like I'm pretty lucky to only have to deal with my own chickens and a few squirrels going after my garden.

Speaking of gardens, a few weeks ago, we told you that red seed potatoes were in. Hopefully you are getting yours planted. I built a potato box in our backyard and the girls helped me get it planted. We'll keep you posted on our results. We're hoping to have a great harvest! Enjoy the cool weather, it makes it downright delightful to get outside and have some fun in the garden.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Beautiful lavender flowers on the Queen's Wreath.
Featured Plant
Queen's Wreath
Petrea volubilis

The flowers seem a little early on the Queen's Wreath this year, but they are blooming beautifully right now with gorgeous sprays of lavender flowers. It is an easy vine to grow up a trellis, along a fence and it is partiularly good for growing up and over arbors and pergolas. We even have a few trained as ornamental trees. However you plant it, the flowers put on a stunning show.
Get your roses in great shape now and they will be ready for spring and summer.
Garden Tip
 Winter Rose Care

With cooler temperatures in the area, it's a great time to get outside and work on your rose garden. A winter to-do in a rose garden is to give all of your rose bushes an annual pruning. And don't be afraid to prune! You can safely prune up to 50% of the bush and you will end up with a stronger plant when it flushes in the springtime. Make sure to eliminate crossing branches or any that are growing off in odd directions, and always look to establish four or five main branches for the bush to grow from. Pruning now while the bushes are semi-dormant allows them to recover and then flush with vigorous new growth in the spring.  Read more here about growing beautiful roses in Florida.
Just In
Gorgeous Roses

Fortuniana-grafted and grown for Florida
The Gift of Gardening

Pair up a Kerby's gift card with a gorgeous flower and you have the perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas Combos

Classy combos, ready to dress up a front doorway.

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