Now is the Time,
Kerby's is the Place

December 12, 2013   

Take advantage of the Florida winter weather
and have some fun in the garden.

This has been some December so far, with temperatures staying well above normal. It feels a lot more like early fall (well early fall in Florida), not winter. Of course if you grew up in Florida like we did, you remember plenty of Christmas seasons spent in shorts and t-shirts, with the sweaters and mittens packed away. But that's what makes Florida so great. Our cars aren't slipping on icy roads, we aren't shoveling driveways and we can get outside and play in the garden, even in December. Kerby's December sales are still going on, with 25% off all tropical fruit trees, 10% off all citrus, and pottery and statuary buy one get one 50% off. Take advantage of the warm weather and some December sales to get a gift for your favorite gardener, or to do something fun in your own garden. Another cool gift idea is a miniature garden. See the article below for a how-to on creating a miniature garden of your own, and then come on out to Kerby's to check out all the fixings for making your own unique creation.

Come check out the
Christmas cheer at Kerby's
The staff at Kerby's is trying to keep you in the Christmas spirit, even with the warm weather, with some festive holiday displays. Click here to check them out, and vote for your favorite so that we can pick a winner. Better yet, escape the hustle and bustle of the mall and come stroll the boardwalk at Kerby's to see the displays in person and use this coupon to get a little something special for yourself.

Happy Gardening
and Merry Christmas,

The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Venus Fly Trap
2" Pot - $6.99
Featured Plant
Venus Fly Trap
Dionaea muscipula

This cool little plant makes a great stocking stuffer for all ages. It's a carnivorous plant that catches little bugs in a modified leaf that looks a lot like a mouth. They grow best in a shady porch and like consistent moisture. They are great in miniature gardens and terrariums, and don't worry, we promise they won't bite. 

Create a Miniature Garden

Miniature gardens are a fun way to be creative on a small scale. From gnomes to fairies, carnivorous plants to ferns, you can create a magical little garden with a little imagination and the instructions below.

Preparing to Plant
1. Choose your pot. If you are creating a covered terrarium, clear glass is best. For other miniature gardens, anything that will hold soil will work. Be sure to clean the container with hot, soapy water before using.

2. Select the decorations for your miniature garden. Fairy or gnome statues, miniature garden accents, stones, seashells . . . use your imagination and create a garden unique to your style.

3. Select the plants for your garden. Choose a few tall plants and a few short plants, to give some height variation.

4. Be sure you have your planting materials: soil, charcoal, sheet moss and gravel. Kerby's has premade kits that include all of these planting materials for $14.99.

Planting your Miniature Garden
to Plant
1. Place a layer of gravel on the bottom of the container for drainage.

2. On top of the gravel, put a quarter to half-inch layer of charcoal, to help keep foul odors out.

3. On top of the charcoal, place a layer of sheet moss. This keeps oil out of the drainage area.

4. Now fill the container with moist, rich Kerby’s Planting Soil.

5. Scoop out holes for the plants you selected and plant them level with the soil level of the container, being sure to pack the soil firmly around the base of the plants. Be sure to put taller plants at the back of your garden and shorter plants towards the front.

6. Add another layer of sheet moss across the top of the garden and arrange the decorative items you’ve chosen. Use a spray bottle to moisten the top of the soil and the leaves of the plants and watch your garden grow.


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