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December 6, 2018   
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Taking aim at some pumpkins.

What does every eight year old girl want for her birthday? Something from the latest Disney movie, some arts and crafts supplies, a phone or tablet for playing games? Those would all seem like good guesses, but when it comes to Abby, you'd be wrong. What she wanted this year was her very own archery set. And that's what she got. So we set up a little range in our backyard complete with the perfect target . . . pumpkins. As the fall season winds down, we always have leftover pumpkins and we bring them home to feed to the chickens. But, we also realized they would make perfect targets, so why not use them for a little archery practice first. As you can see in the picture at right, Abby is taking precise aim at one of the prizewinner pumpkins. By the time we were through, the pumpkin was riddled with holes.

And although the dull thunk of the arrow lodging in the pumpkin was quite satisfying, what we were all really going for was a bullseye on the target. At left is my best shot so far (I promise it was a real shot, not a staged picture). Doesn't get better than that. You may also notice that it took destroying the majority of the target to finally get one in the center. A little luck goes a long way.

I think Kim and I may have ended up more excited about the new addition to our backyard adventures than Abby was. We've both found ourselves spending thirty minutes or more just letting arrows fly. I think it takes us both back to a memory of growing up in Hillsborough County. If you went to public school here, you probably remember your sixth-grade trip to Nature's Classroom: archery, scooping up minnows, nature trails, all sorts of fun outdoor activities. I vaguely remember some of my classmates thinking it was the worst week ever. For Kim and I, we remember loving the week. I guess that's why we've turned our backyard into a sort of miniature Nature's Classroom: veggie gardens, fruit trees, butterfly plants, chickens, rope swings and now we've added the archery component. Why be inside, when there is so much fun to be had outdoors.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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With cooler temperatures in the area, it's a great time to get outside and work on your rose garden. A winter to-do in a rose garden is to give all of your rose bushes an annual pruning. And don't be afraid to prune! You can safely prune up to 50% of the bush and you will end up with a stronger plant when it flushes in the springtime. Make sure to eliminate crossing branches or any that are growing off in odd directions, and always look to establish four or five main branches for the bush to grow from. Pruning now while the bushes are semi-dormant allows them to recover and then flush with vigorous new growth in the spring.  Read more here about growing beautiful roses in Florida.
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