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August 27, 2020
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My Face is Raining
by Joey Bokor

With so much time at home lately, we decided we needed a change of pace and a little exercise. The girls have been begging for a bike ride, apparently riding in tight circles around the driveway is boring, so we loaded up bikes and helmets, and headed up to Flatwoods. The girls enjoyed riding out in the open, with a few turns under trees and some fun ups and downs over canals. For all of us it was a chance to be away from the house in a wide-open space.

We knew it would be hot, so we packed a secret surprise (jellybeans) along with our lunch in case we needed a little encouragement to keep everyone going. Turns out we didn't need them. We rode for a good mile or two and then turned to head back. Flatwoods park has a long, paved loop trail, but there are also miles upon miles of off-road bike trails. We didn't think the girls would like the off-road trails that much, with all the bumps and roots, and it wasn't our intention to ride on them. But on a whim, Kim jumped off the paved trail and headed down a little trail called Squiggy. Maddy was right behind her and seemed to have no problem making the transition to the off-road trail.

Abby and I were a little behind, and when I saw Kim jump off the pavement, I followed suit. Abby looked at me like I was nuts. I told her c'mon, we're heading on the off-road trail. She wasn't sure, but she followed too and pretty soon we were all off road. We made it a little way and not wanting to push anybody too hard, we turned back to return and have our picnic.

I think we had pushed a little further than the girls wanted, though. It was hot out and you could see it in the red color of Maddy's face. She and I teamed up to make the ride out and she was pushing herself to get through it. She stopped and I told her she was doing a great job and it wasn't that much further to the paved trail. She said, plain and simple, 'Just a second Daddy, my face is raining'.

The things she says always make us laugh. They are funny, wise, and usually accurate. We have now added 'my face is raining' to our family's phrases and plan to use it for the foreseeable future. On this bike adventure all of our faces were definitely raining, but as with gardening, that's just part of doing anything outdoors in Florida in August. After the ride, we enjoyed cold water, cold sandwiches, and of course the promised jellybeans. It was worth it, even if it meant our faces were raining.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Creating a Tropical Paradise

You've been enjoying home a lot this year, and unfortunately, you may have missed out on a summer trip to the beach or to a beautiful tropical island. Even though the trips have to wait, you live in Florida and to many people across the country, we are a tropical paradise! Below, you'll find a few of our favorite tropical plants that add color and life to your outdoors and turn it into the tropical paradise you need right now.

Heliconia - Sometimes confused with bird of paradise, the heliconia has a similar flower, but doesn't grow quite as large. The flowers range from orange to red to yellow. Also in this family are the unique Lobster Claw heliconias with dangling flowers that resemble lobster claws.

Crotons - The foliage of crotons screams tropical. There are the common Petra and Mammie varieties or for a little changeup try Magnificent or Sloppy Painter. Most crotons grow three to five feet tall and they make a lovely backdrop and an infinite variety of color for your landscape.

Ginger - Gingers can also get a little taller and are a little less manicured-looking than crotons. But what would a tropical jungle be without the jungle? Variegated Ginger has lovely striping and Blue Ginger has lush foliage with flowers as well.

Bromeliads - Tough and hardy, bromeliads offer a modern look with tropical color. Our favorites are the family of Neoregelia bromeliads that don't have a large flower, but have variations of colorful foliage. They stay low to the ground and are great for low, tropical colorful.

Brazilian Cloak - The other suggestions have been families of plants, but this one demands its own category. The Brazilian Cloak grows large, up to ten feet tall and is perfect for blocking trash receptacles or unsightly electrical boxes. The large red flowers that emerge off and on throughout the year are not to be missed. They will cloak your yard with tropical wonder.

Palms - are an iconic part of a tropical landscape. They provide the perfect dappled shade for catching some rays and their movement in the wind will lull you to sleep. Plant a Pygmy Date Palm for a smaller space or a Foxtail Palm for a tall stately centerpiece.

With September on the way, everyone up north is about to start talking about fall. I say I don't want the summer to end. Keep it going by planting some of these beautiful plants in your yard. Then, all year long, you'll enjoy a tropical paradise.

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