Water Wiggle
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August 19, 2021
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Water Wiggle
by Joey Bokor

Maddy got a slip and slide for her birthday from some dear friends this year, and she and Abby have sure had fun flinging themselves across a thin piece of plastic that is intentionally made slippery. Kim and I decided against hurling ourselves across the firm ground, fearful that we might not get up again. I feel like it was a wise decision. But then I got to thinking about the crazy toys we had back in the 80s. Does anyone else out there remember having a water wiggle?

I mean, who invented that thing? If you remember it, it was a toy that hooked up to the hose that on the nozzle end had an alien-looking hood with weird googly eyes painted on it. The water jet shot the opposite way out of the head and the ‘fun’ of it was that it would wiggle and warp all over the place and you never knew where the jet of water would go. It was wildly unpredictable. Sometimes you’d get a delightful spray of water, sometimes you would get a whack in the head, and sometimes you’d get a jet of water right in your eye. Ouch. The things we did for fun….

Nowadays, I much prefer a pool to just sit, cool off and relax in. I guess my water-wigglin’ days are over and my back tells me that my slip and slide days are definitely behind me. That’s okay, I’ll take my cold drink and enjoy watching the girls have fun. What water toys do you remember from your childhood? Shoot me an e-mail at admin@kerbysnursery.com if you have a fun story.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Prepare Soil for Veggie Gardens

It is still a little too hot to plant veggie plants, but we are about a month away from fall veggie season, so it is a great time to prepare the soil for planting. That way, when it is time to get veggies in the ground, you'll be all set to plant.

Remove the Bad Stuff - If your garden is like mine, there are still some left over vegetable plants from last season and lots of weeds growing. That's actually not all bad, because weeds are a sign of healthy soil. But you do need to clean it up to be ready to add fresh soil. Pull all weeds, old plants, roots, sticks, mulch, rocks and any debris out of your gardens. Then you will be ready to add some new soil.

Start with Great Soil - The condition of your soil will make or break your veggie garden. Vegetables get most of their nutrients from the soil, so the healthier the soil, the healthier the plants and in turn the more nutrients that make their way into the vegetables you harvest. The mix we like to use is half Kerby's Professional Planting Soil to half top soil. Add some new soil to your garden a few weeks before you plant each season to replenish nutrients lost. Once added, turn the soil with a shovel or use a tiller to mix everything up.

Add some Nutrients - Especially if you are planting the same veggies in the same place season after season, make sure to add fertilizer when turning the soil. Espoma's Garden-Tone fertilizer is an organic option that adds great nutrients into the soil. You can also add a little lime to sweeten the soil, which is especially helpful for tomatoes.

Mix Well - The key to preparing soil is to have it mixed together well a few weeks ahead of planting time so that it gets a chance to come together. So make sure that you mix it up and then lightly tamp it down to level. Give it a few weeks and you'll be ready to plant.

New Arrivals
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