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August 17, 2017   
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Why use your own fork, when papa can feed you!

So this was the scene at our dinner table the other night. It was a rainy day, and we had hamburgers on the menu. It didn't seem like a great day for standing over a wet grill, so I repurposed some ingredients and made swedish meatballs. The table was set (with standard cutlery) and suddenly, Papa Kerby pulls a go-go-gadget fork out of his pocket. At first he used it to steal from Madeleine's plate, but then they decided it was more fun to help her finish her dinner. (There were cupcakes for dessert after all.) So we abandoned manners and Madeleine was fed some of her dinner from across the table. I'm not sure if our plain-old forks are going to be any fun now . . . but it made for some dinner entertainment on a rainy day!

Speaking of rain, hopefully you aren't having disease issues in your gardens, but if you are, check out our A Fungus Among Us information for some ideas on what to do to reduce problems and keep your plants happy and healthy. Through this last part of August, the rain is plentiful and the humidity is off the charts. It's tough on us, but remember plants struggle with it as well. Give them a little extra TLC (maybe when it is 'cooler' in the morning or the evening) and they'll come out of the summer looking great.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Corky Stem Passion Vine
10" Pot - $24.99
Featured Plant
Corky-Stem Passion Vine

This native passion vine has cute little white flowers to delight your eyes, but it's the leaves that will really make your garden happy. Its leaves are food for zebra longwing and gulf fritillary caterpillars. A great way to add a host plant to your butterfly garden, and it's a Florida native!
Neem OIL RTU Spray
32 oz. - $9.99
Featured Product
 Neem RTU

A ready-to-use spray for treating bugs and fungus issues, the Neem Oil is our go-to spray when we are trying to avoid using harsh pesticides. It's great for herb and veggie gardens, fruit trees and more.
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