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 August 14, 2014   

We sometimes Wet our Plants
It's that time of year, when you start to look at the calendar and think, 'Fall is almost here . . . It can't be hot and humid forever.' Even though you may be dreaming of fall, make sure you don't forget about the plants in your garden right now. See the article below for a reminder on proper watering of plants and lawns. Mother Nature provides alot of the water plants need, but not always enough (especially for new plants).

Kerby's summer sales are still going on, but only through the end of August. And before you know it, fall will be arriving and all the fun in the garden that it brings with it. Check out Kerby's fall event and workshop schedule to get a taste of what we'll have going on. 

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Popcorn Senna
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 Featured Plant
Popcorn Senna (Cassia)
Senna didymobotrya
Spoiler alert . . . I'm going to tell you why this plant is so cool. But you have to smell it for yourself to really be amazed. If you run your hand across the leaves of this senna and then smell your hand, it smells like popcorn. Hard to believe, but it really does. And if that's not cool enough, the popcorn senna is also a host plant for sulphur butterflies. It blooms with lovely buttery-yellow flowers in the summertime and grows pretty tall (up to 10 or 15 feet) making it a lovely centerpiece for a butterfly garden.



Watering Plants Properly  

Proper watering is the single-most important thing you can do for a new plant. Just like people, plants won't survive if they go for even a few days without water. For established plants, this may mean getting water from below the surface via an established root system. But for landscape plants that are under a year old, it usually means getting watered by us. Check out some tips and reminders for watering properly below, and always make sure you have a plan for keeping new plants watered, especially during the summer months.

Consistent Watering - Kerby's general rule of thumb for watering new plants is: Daily for the first month, every other day for the second month and twice per week for the third month. Thereafter, most plants need water once per week, although some may need more especially during the summer. This watering schedule gives a plant the regular water it is used to, and then slowly reduces that watering as the plant develops a root system. The closer you come to sticking to this schedule, the stronger the plants will be in the long run. Even drought tolerant plants (think lantana or oleander) need this kind of regular watering to get established. And don't let the label 'Rainy Season' make you think that mother nature will water plants sufficiently. Although we get alot of rain at this time of year, it isn't consistent, and for a plant that has a small root system, yesterday's rain is already out of reach.

Always, Always, Water in the Morning - Water in the morning. Always. Watering plants after they've wilted in the evening is not good for them. Plants use water when the sun is out to transport nutrients and to moderate leaf temperature (kind of like us sweating). At night, plants don't use water and it just moves through the soil past the roots. Water consistently in the morning, and you'll rarely see your new plants wilting and in the long run, you'll have much stronger, healthier plants.


Water Plants at the Roots - It's basic biology, but a reminder is always a good thing. Plants take up water from their roots. Leaves absorb CO2 and sunlight. So, make sure to thoroughly soak the roots of the plant when you water. Spraying the leaves with water does very little good for the plant and can actually encourage disease issues. 

Sprinklers are Great, But - be sure the sprinklers are set to deliver the proper amount of water to new plants. Especially if you've planted a new tree, palm or larger shrub, the larger rootball needs more water than sprinkler systems may deliver. The general rule of thumb is that an inch of water penetrates one foot of Florida soil. So an inch of water will leave a root ball that is two feet deep half dry. The larger the new plant, the more water it needs and the more deeply it needs to be watered. When it comes to trees, deep watering encourages a deep root system and helps to avoid surface roots which eventually break up sidewalks and driveways.

The best advice we can give is don't plant new plants without a plan for keeping them watered. If you make watering your new plants a part of your daily routine everything you plant will grow and thrive.

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