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August 13, 2020
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Play Clothes
by Joey Bokor

Growing up, we had a bin filled with clothes. On a warm summer day, when playing outside was our only care in the world, we would run to the bin, rummage around and grab the first pair of shorts and shirt we could find. With that, we were ready for the day. I say we, because it wasn't a stack of folded clothes in a dresser that belonged to one individual. It was a bin filled with various old soccer and t-ball shorts as well as shirts from the dentist and school that my siblings and I all grabbed out of. You never knew what you were going to get. And it didn't matter because all we were worried about was getting outside and playing.

Nowadays, I still sort of have play clothes. They are just referred to with very adult names like garden shirts or mowing pants, which sounds more like work clothes, doesn't it. Maybe I should take back the name play clothes and reclaim a bit of my childhood. The funny thing is I feel like I've spent the last four months in either my jeans and polo for the nursery or my adult play clothes. I can't tell you the last time I even glanced at my dress pants. But I'm not complaining. I know that someday I'm going to look back and wish that I could spend the majority of my non-work time in play clothes.

And I have a feeling many of us are going to continue to spend plenty of time in the same way as we go through the second half of 2020. Lots of education is going to be happening at home, so don't forget that outside is a great place for learning. Ok, maybe you can't participate in a Zoom meeting from the butterfly garden, but the amount of learning that can happen in the garden is truly amazing. If you need ideas for garden projects to do with the family, see below. Just make sure everyone is wearing play clothes first.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Learning in the Garden

Instead of sitting at a desk all day, go outside and let nature be your guide. Below are some ideas for having fun and learning in the garden.

1. Grow Seeds - Germination is a miracle of nature that is fascinating for adults and children. Plant a variety of seeds and track the growth to compare how fast and tall different types of seeds grow. A few easy starters:
Vegetables: Beans, Radishes, Squash and Watermelon
Flowers: Zinnias, Sunflowers, Marigolds and Nasturtiums

2. Plant a Garden for Butterflies - Kids love to chase butterflies and to watch the miraculous life-cycle. Plant milkweed for monarch caterpillars and salvia or pentas to feed adult butterflies of all types. How many different butterflies can you identify in your garden?

3. Wiggly Worms - Gardeners jump for joy when they find earthworms in the soil. Go on a worm roundup in your own garden. Give everyone a shovel and see who can find the most. To really see what a worm does, fill a jar with veggie scraps from the kitchen table and a little soil. Sit back and watch how an earthworm turns them into rich compost.

4. Play Sit, Spot - Sit in your garden together and pick one spot to stare at for at least one minute. Quietly sit and stare at that one spot and then take turns describing to each other what you observed. The longer you look, the more amazing nature you will find.

5. Go on a Bug Hunt - How many different insects can you identify in your garden? Armed with a critter cage (which can be as simple as an old Tupperware container with a ventilated top) collect and identify as many insects as you can. Document which ones are good or not so good and what each one's purpose is in the garden. 

6. Plant Flowers - Kids love instant gratification. Plant some summer flowers and you will immediately beautify a space. Better yet, give each child their own little garden plot and let them choose the flowers. They get to plant and care for them. The garden can be a great place to learn responsibility and pride of ownership.

7. Plant Miniature Gardens - Air plants, terrariums, and miniature container gardens are popular with kids. Choose a wide shallow container and plant with small foliage or cactus. Spark the artist within by using a child's toy in each garden creation. Miniature cars, toy soldiers and plastic farm animals all make great centerpieces in a newly planted terrarium.

8. Create Your Own Flower - The flower world needs your creativity. Have everyone pick flowers from around the yard and then arrange them in a stack to come up with a new creation. Your new flower's name will be made up with part of each flower's original name. One of our creations: Pen-vio-dai-verb-ardia. Say that five times fast.

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