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August 10, 2017   
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Bubbles as big as a Moo.

So you remember the Kerby's list of things to do this summer right. We've got to add another one . . . not just blow bubbles, but make ginormous bubbles. We created a bubble adventure in our backyard, with some simple household ingredients, a kiddie pool and some imagination. Some of the biggest bubbles came from two sticks with a string tied in a circle. It was easier to get the bubble away from you and really stretch it out. We also had a kiddie pool filled with bubble solution, and using a hula hoop we made bubbles that went completely over the kids. (It didn't quite work on the adults.) They were definitely some of the biggest bubbles I've ever seen.

Don't be afraid to have some fun in the garden.
We had a great time, but beyond just fun, I think I discovered a really unique way to treat your veggie garden for plant pests. We all know that 1 tbsp. of dish soap to a gallon of water is a great way to treat aphids, mites, scale etc. So now, you can have even more fun by creating giant bubbles over each plant and letting them pop. (We popped a giant bubble right over a green pepper plant!) Granted you have to be a pretty skilled bubble-a-teur, but it's fun right? And since the kids are back in school today, why not go outside and be a kid again making some giant bubbles and treating your plants for insects at the same time. Your neighbors might wonder what you are doing, but you can just tell them that Kerby's told you to get outside and have some fun in your garden.   

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Dragon Fruit
10" Pot - $39.99
Featured Plant
Dragon Fruit

Make sure you keep your bubbles away from this night-blooming cactus. It's the dragon fruit and it is delicious. If you freeze the fruits, you can scoop the sweet flesh out and have a home-grown icee. The sweet flavor is wonderful, and the fruits are really cool (they look like something out of Dr. Seuss!) Plant where they can grow up a tree, or some sort of wooden support structure and enjoy this unique fruit in your own backyard.
Bone Meal
4 lb. - $6.99
Featured Product
 Bone Meal

Bone meal is a clean source of phosphorus that encourages strong root systems and great blooming. It can be really helpful on tomato plants mid season to keep the blooms coming and it is also a great way to encourage strong plants in your butterfly garden. Because lots of flowers = lots of butterflies. 
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