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August 3, 2017   
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Boo-Boo looks happy . . . right?

Do any of our long-time customers remember Boo-Boo? She's Vicki Kerby's little poodle that years ago had a bed right behind the cash register counter. She's getting pretty old now at 13 (that's 91 in dog years!) and she's been enjoying her retirement.  A few weeks ago, we got to dog-sit her (or as we call it Boo-Boo-sitting). The girls loved having her around. Abby wasn't too keen on holding her, but Maddy made Boo-Boo her little buddy (It isn't clear exactly how Boo-Boo felt about that. . . ) She carried her around the house, buckled her into car-seats, and one morning had fashioned a little crown for her, so that Boo-Boo could be the queen. The first night, Maddy even wanted Boo-Boo to sleep in her bed! Boo-Boo took to the girl's antics pretty well, although by the end of the week, she was ready to return to a slower pace of life. And so far the girls haven't asked if they can get a dog, so maybe Boo-Boo wore them out too.

Madeleine's buddy for the week.
Speaking of dogs, it sure rained cats and dogs the other night. Did you get a lot of rain from Tropical Storm Emily? When we woke up on Monday, we knew it had rained quite a bit, but didn't realize we would be in the middle of a little tropical system. At the nursery, it even started to flood the boardwalk. The plants sure enjoyed it after the hot, dry days we had last week.

Heavy rains aren't unusual in the summer months, but job openings at Kerby's are. We are in need of some amazing workers for support positions. If you or anyone you know wants to work with great people and beautiful plants, have them stop by for an application. It's a chance to help other gardeners Discover the Fun of Gardening.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Dwarf Allamanda
6" Pot - $6.99
Featured Plant
Dwarf Allamanda

With the rain this week, I felt like you needed a little sunshine, so how about the bright and beautiful dwarf allamanda. It stays nice and small (2 to 3 feet tall and wide) and blooms throughout the summer months with bright color to fill your garden with sunshine, even on rainy days.
Blood Meal
2.75 lbs. - $9.99
Featured Product
 Blood Meal

When you want plants with strong stems and luxuriant top-growth (not my words, that's right off the package), Blood Meal should be your go-to supplement. It is a rich source of nitrogen, the primary mineral responsible for the green growth of your plants. Use on new plants to encourage growth and on mature plants for both growth and a deep green leaf color.
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