Backyard Treasures
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April 29, 2021
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Backyard Treasures
by Joey Bokor

You never know what you are going to find when you dig a hole in your backyard. As we slowly tame our property, we have uncovered lots of mysterious items: a piece of some 1970s roller skates, garden hoses, carpets, old tile and of course an assortment of bottles and cans. The other day, though, we made our best discovery yet.

There has been this little piece of metal sticking out behind a fallen tree for years. We never paid it much attention, just made sure to not run the mower over it. I finally got to cleaning up this area and as we were clearing the old tree away, it was finally time for this piece of metal to go. So, I started pulling, thinking some old garden tool or metal can would just pop out. This thing barely budged. I pushed and kicked, and finally got it loosened and then realized I was standing on part of it. When I finally shimmied it free, it was an old basketball hoop, complete with a partially decomposed net. Not what I expected to find.

The funniest thing is that I found it at the peak of Maddy’s interest in basketball. For some reason that sport has really piqued her curiosity. Now I don’t even need to buy a hoop. If I can find the right tree, we'll create a little free-throw practice area in the backyard.

The garden is always full of surprises. What treasures have you found digging in your backyard?

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
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Landscaping with Tropicals

Why wait until you go on vacation to experience the beauty of the tropics, when you can have it right in your backyard. In this part of Florida, we can grow all kinds of tropical palms, shrubs and flowers to turn your outdoors into the paradise that you've always dreamed of.

The Centerpiece - Every great landscape starts with a beautiful centerpiece. When we are talking tropicals, that centerpiece is often a palm tree. Foxtail and Christmas palms are gorgeous with self-cleaning trunks, which means there is no trimming palm fronds. These palms are a little cold sensitive in our coldest winters, but the statement they make in a tropical landscape is hard to beat. If palms aren't your thing, there are lots of gorgeous flowering trees that can create the centerpiece for your landscape. If you want to go big, try a jacaranda or a poinciana. For something a little smaller a hibiscus tree has amazing flowers that bloom throughout the summer.

It's all about the Foliage - One of the fun things about tropical landscaping is that you get to play with foliage. Many tropical plants have big, lush leaves that come in a variety of colors. Have fun finding the color combination that you love and filling your landscape beds with a little slice of paradise.  Some of our favorite foliage plants are ti plants, crotons, stromanthe and bromeliads.

Don't Forget Flowers - Bougainvillea, hibiscus, princess flowers are just a few of the amazing tropical bushes that bloom with bright beautiful flowers. The great thing about tropical plants is they are native to areas with warm weather all year. That means they never take a break. If it is warm outside (which describes about 11 months in Florida) there will be blooms. Mix a few great bloomers with some of the foliage plants to create a real tropical atmosphere.

Texture Too - Once you've got beautiful foliage and bright flowers, it is time to complement it with plants that have green leaves in unique shapes. Foxtail ferns (or any fern for that matter) will soften a landscape with their light, delicate texture. Agave, cactus and succulents give a sharp, architectural feel. Gingers and philodendrons give a glossy green and unique shape that adds an extra dimension to your tropical paradise.

Contain Yourself - Bright colors are the hallmark of tropical landscapes and glazed pottery is a quick and easy way to add bright color and fresh blooms into your tropical design. Flank a porch entry, or position a few lovely pots by the pool. Now whip up a batch of piña coladas, find your favorite lounge chair and enjoy your backyard paradise.

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