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April 26, 2012   

Plant the right plants and everyone
will think you have a green thumb.

This weather is amazing! Quite an unexpected cool-snap for this late in April, and it is probably our last reprieve before the summer heat arrives. Fortunately the forecast for this summer is slightly below average temperatures. Even so, it's smart to make sure that your gardens are ready to take the heat. This Saturday at 10am, Kerby's is having a Plants that Survive workshop. You'll get to see some of the toughest, most drought-tolerant plants around and you'll get instructions for making sure every plant reaches its full potential. See below for a preview of some of our favorite tough plants.

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Plants that Survive

Upcoming Events

Plants that Survive:
Gardening Workshop
Sat Apr 28th at 10am

Cool New Plant
Extremely Heat Tolerant Cinderella Purslane

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Plants that Survive

Everyone loves pretty plants, but it's nice to know that whatever you select for your garden can survive Florida's weather too. Below are some of Kerby's favorite tough plants, that have shown year after year that they deserve a place in your garden.

Texas Sage - This shrub has seen a real rise in popularity over the last few years, partially due to its incredible drought tolerance and partially due to its lovely silver foliage and colorful flowers. It's a great contrasting color to green foundation shrubs or to the ever-popular plum delight loropetalum (see below it's another Kerby's favorite). Texas sage needs full sun, well-drained soil and grows on average three to four feet tall.


Euphorbia - This family of plants includes the extremely drought tolerant crown of thorns, but our favorite euphorbia lately has been the white flowering variety. There are no thorns and it flowers constantly. It goes by a number of names including: silver fog, hip hop and breathless blush. The dainty white flowers are a simple, understated color for the landscape, but don't be fooled, this plant is anything but dainty. Hardy to 20 degrees, it survives both winter and summer conditions, growing eighteen to twenty-four inches on average.


Salvias - There are tons of beautiful salvias, and each one is a butterfly magnet. This year Mystic Spires is our winner, it is extremely hardy to heat and cold, and is always covered with lovely blue flowers. Pineapple Sage and Wendy's Wish Salvia are two other perennial salvias that are great at taking the summer heat.


Lantana - A common landscape plant for many years, the lantana is great for providing color in areas of your landscape that are dry and sunny all day long. There are lots of beautiful lantanas, including dwarf yellow and dallas red (pictured). Both grow to just eighteen inches tall and spread two to three feet. They flower all summer long and are another great butterfly plant.



Loropetalum - This is Kerby's go-to plant for colorful, hardy landscapes. The plum delight variety stays compact and keeps a nice purple color throughout the summer. Great for color in full sun where you don't want to mess around with flowers. 


These are just some of our favorite plants that survive. Come out to this Saturday's workshop to see lots more cool plants, including some Florida natives that will not only make your landscape beautiful, but make it drought-tolerant and low-maintenance. Now that's a winning combination.

Upcoming Events

Kerby's has lots of fun planned for the garden in 2012, including workshop favorites on vegetables, herbs and roses, as well as some new workshops on bulbs and trees. There has never been a better time to Discover the Fun of Gardening.

Workshop: Plants that Survive
Saturday, April 28th at 10:00 am

Tough plants and all the tricks for keeping plants happy even as the mercury starts to rise. That's what this workshop is all about. We'll talk about Florida natives as well as non-natives that thrive in Florida's summer. There is no reason your garden can't be beautiful all year long.


Workshop: Replacing Grass with Groundcovers & Lawn Care

Saturday, May 5th at 10am

This will be a workshop combining two topics. First, we'll talk about the basics of lawn care in Florida, which can be a challenge. Then we'll discuss replacing grass with groundcovers (such as ornamental peanut, pictured at right), when you just can't (or don't want to) get grass to grow.


Workshop: Container Gardening
Saturday, May 12th at 10:00 am

Just in time for Mother's Day, come out and learn all about creating beautiful combinations of plants for your porch, patio or anywhere in your garden that could use a beautiful container garden.


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