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April 25, 2019   
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Climbing my favorite tree

Growing up, we had trees all over our yard. Shade trees, giant eucalyptus trees, wild cherry laurels and golden rain trees. And don't even get me started on the variety of fruit trees that we had. I'm not sure why there were so many different trees, but it did give us kids a whole lot of choices for climbing. If we were in a climb as high as we can so your little brother can't catch you mood, we went with the cherry laurel. If we didn't mind all being together, we'd head to the golden rain tree. In each tree, we had assigned branches that were our spots, sort of like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

In the front yard, there were two big trees and my sister and I each staked out our own. Mine was the loquat (the picture at right shows me climbing in it, many years ago) and my sister's was the jacaranda. That is where we would head if we needed a little quiet time.

Abby and Maddy also love to climb trees. We do have quite a few in our yard, but they are mostly ginormous grandfather oaks that can't be climbed without a harness and ropes. So they've settled on my avocado trees in the front yard and a medium-sized crape myrtle in the backyard. They've set up a pulley system to bring things up into the tree and have concocted a variety of ladders from various boards, chairs and an old pallet.

A CRU meeting
But then they found the perfect climbing tree. It is an old camphor tree that Larry planted years ago at the neighbor's house. It branches out really low, so no gymnastics are required to get up into it, and it has a variety of nooks, crannies and natural seats to relax in. Apparently when I snapped this picture they were having a private meeting (part of the CRU is what they told me - the Children's Rights Union that they are apparently forming).

What we really love is that they love having fun outside. Trees are nature's playground, fun for climbing, imagining and having all sorts of adventures. And then when it is time to eat, they are perfect for spreading a blanket under and having a summertime picnic. Even when it is hot, in the shade of a tree it is usually pretty comfortable.

This week, we have two holidays that celebrate trees and Mother Earth. Monday was Earth Day and Friday is Arbor Day. We think that makes it the perfect week to do something nice for the earth and for your family. Plant a tree. For our tips and tricks on planting, see below and don't forget that we offer installation and delivery services on any of our trees.

If you like your trees to do something for you too, you aren't alone. What you want are fruit trees. This Saturday at 10am, join us for the Growing Fruit Trees Seminar. You'll learn everything you need to know to grow healthy fruit trees and get the best harvests.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came out for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had a great time hosting and judging by the baskets of eggs and the smiling faces, it seems like the kids had a great time too. It is always amazing how quickly the kids can find the eggs that take us almost an hour to hide. Proof for parents that kids can find something when they really want to. Mark your calendars for next year: April 11, 2020. We are already scheming a few ways to have a little more fun.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
Bush Daisy
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Hardy, bright, colorful. The Bush Daisy is everything you want in a perennial flower. It loves the heat, doesn't mind being a little dry and blooms right through Florida's toughest conditions. Grab a couple today and make your landscape smile.

Plant a tree for Mother Earth.

Garden Tip
Planting a Tree

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. So what are you waiting for! If you need some shade for your home or garden, or just want to get started on your fruit forest, the weather for planting won't get better. And with consistent rains coming through, you'll get a little help from Mother Nature with the watering. Below are some of our best tree planting tips:

1) Choose the Right Location - Most trees want a sunny well-drained area, so make sure you find a bright spot in your yard that drains well, even after a heavy thunderstorm.

2) Use Good Soil - Florida soil is notoriously poor, so use a good soil such as our custom Kerby's Planting Soil to get your trees off to a good start.

3) Stimulate The Roots - The most important thing for new trees is to establish a strong root system. To really boost initial root growth, use Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator. It contains a rooting hormone and the right balance of nutrients for developing a strong root system.

4) Stake the Tree - Most trees benefit from staking for the first year. Staking is important not to keep the trunk straight, but to keep the new tree from falling over and damaging the new roots that it is trying to grow. For most trees, a single stake driven through the root ball and attached to the trunk is sufficient.

5) Water, Water, Water - All plants need consistent initial watering. For trees, make sure you are watering them deeply enough. Shallow, frequent waterings encourage shallow root systems. Those are the kind of root systems that damage sidewalks and driveways. Water deeply at each watering to get water all the way through the root ball and beyond the roots. This encourages roots to grow downward. A deep, strong root system creates a strong, healthy tree.

Now pick a beautiful day and have a picnic, after all the garden isn't just for work, it's for relaxing too.

New Arrivals

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