A Special Homecoming
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April 15, 2021
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A Special Homecoming
by Joey Bokor

More than 16 years ago, just a week or two before Kim and I got married, I dropped my brother off at Ft. Knox in Kentucky for basic training. He was joining the army. He served for nearly ten years and during that time, had tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and has lived in four different states.

Along the way, he's had a few kids. Four to be exact. And while I've met three of them, the geographic distance has meant that most of our visits have been occasional video chats and phone calls, which I am admittedly not great at initiating. It's been 5 years since I saw the older kids, when I got to visit them in Hawaii and help with one of the newborns.

But yesterday that all changed. As you can see in the homecoming picture below, we welcomed my brother, along with 4 nieces and nephews back to Tampa. There was excitement and happiness, as well as tears of joy on all sides. Throughout this year, the kids have gotten to know each other a little better on more consistent zoom calls, but meeting in person for the first time is going to go down as the highlight of a lot of little people's (and big people's) year.

Abby and Maddy feel like their family has doubled in size. And they aren't wrong, because in addition to my brother and his kids arriving, there was another addition to our extended family this week. My little sister had a beautiful baby girl, named Maggie Rose, who is so cute (and so tiny!)

Now, it feels like we adults are way outnumbered by little ones. I picture them forming a motley gang like in The Goonies and patrolling neighborhoods by bicycle. Or maybe, more realistically, you'll find this group of cousins (along with Maggie Rose when she is ready), with Abby and Maddy in the lead, teaching them how to dig pits in the backyard, climb all the trees and of course how to relax in the pool. Big plans are already being made for a summer of Florida fun.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Getting Great Harvests

Now that we are well into April, your veggie gardens should be starting to produce. We've gotten our first harvests of tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers and having been picking kale and lettuce for a few weeks. Everything sure drank up the rains we had over the weekend, but as we slide into warmer, more humid weather, we are trying to make sure we get the best harvests we can by following the tips below.

1. Keep Watering - Just because we had rain, doesn't mean you can stop hand-watering. Plants need consistent deep waterings, so keep to our typical gardening schedule now that we are back into dry, warm days. For brand new gardens, water daily in the morning (always in the morning) for the first 30 days. For the second month and beyond, water every other day. Always water in the morning and always give plants a deep watering, not just a little spritz.

2. Feed your Plants - Great water and good food are the combo veggie plants need. Fertilize monthly with Garden Tone fertilizer and weekly with Foxfarm's Grow Big for amazing results. Keeping up with the monthly and weekly schedule keeps a consistent amount of nutrients available to the plant and that is the best way to maximaize harvests.

3. Watch for Bugs and Disease - The best way to check on your garden is to scout daily. Get out in the early morning to see if there are any active bugs or caterpillars. Check the tops and bottoms of leaves, stems, and dirt for signs of insects trying to move in or for disease issues. Identifying a problem early allows for early treatment and a quick recovery for the veggie plants.

4. Treat Early - If you identify a problem, make a plan for treatment. Spraying for insect or disease should occur in the evening when the sun is starting to go down and not shining intensely on your garden. For insects, spray Neem Oil or Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew. For disease issues, spray Copper Soap Fungicide. Treat problems as soon as you see them to keep them from getting out of control. And don't forget, if you are ever in need of a diagnosis, come by the nursery with a picture or piece of your plant or send us a picture at admin@kerbysnursery.com.

5. Now Enjoy - Find a great recipe, harvest some fresh veggies and cook them up. Better yet, enjoy a plump, juicy tomato or tasty pepper picked in the afternoon sunshine. There is no better taste in the world
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