Pearl and the Pot
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April 1, 2021
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Pearl and the Pot
by Joey Bokor

Have you ever watched someone open a present and become more interested in the packaging than in the present itself? Many times, Abby and Maddy have set a new toy or coloring book aside so they could thoroughly examine the box that contained them. We see packaging. They see a leprechaun trap, a fort, or a spaceship.

This phenomenon is not limited to people. Our cocker spaniel puppy, Pearl, has been offered a variety of delightful toys: squeaky unicorns, bones, and rope toys just to name a few. Even with all of those options, her favorite thing to play with is an old pot from the veggie garden. She will run after that thing for hours on end. Every time one pot is nearing the end of its usefulness as a toy, we bring out another and she is excited all over again. Strange what pets (and little people) focus on. It's like they know that keeping things simple is best.

I can't believe that another month has passed us by, and now we are coming up on Easter weekend. Usually, we'd be preparing for our annual Easter egg hunt, stuffing thousands of eggs and getting ready to hide them all around the nursery. But, for another year, we are going to take the hunt virtual. Watch your Facebook and Instagram feeds over the next four days or check out this link to our website for a daily nursery picture filled with Easter eggs. To join in on the hunt, simply count the eggs and send us your guess. On social media, share the picture in your stories or news feed and tag us @kerbysnursery, include your guess in the comments, or e-mail us at with the date of the picture and the number of eggs you counted. We'll select one winner out of the correct guesses from each picture to receive a $40 gift card to Kerby's Nursery. Winners will be notified the week after Easter. Our virtual hunt won't take the place of the fun we have every year watching kids takeover the nursery with their baskets in hand, but it will give you and your family a little fun searching the plants for Easter eggs.

Happy Easter from all of us at Kerby's. If you need some beautiful flowers or just a little time out in the garden, come see us on Friday or Saturday, when we'll be open normal hours. We'll be closed on Easter Sunday for a little much needed family time. We'll probably end up in our gardens too.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
All Azaleas - 15% Off
Your landscape will be made in the shade when you plant beautiful spring-blooming azaleas, or for three seasons of blooms, try encore azaleas. This week, all azaleas are 15% off.
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Expires 4/7/2021

Azalea Tips

Use Rich Soil - Azaleas love rich soil. Chances are that the soil in your yard is, well, not-so-rich. Many of us have sandy soil which doesn't help azaleas get the nutrients they need. Plant with Kerby's Pine Soil to add organic material and create an acidic soil condition that azaleas will thrive in.

Water Well - I know, I know, you get tired of me lecturing you about watering plants, but it is hands down the most important thing you can do to establish strong new plants. Water daily for the first month, always in the morning with a good deep soaking. In the second month, go to every other day and in month three, you can back down to twice weekly. Follow that initial watering schedule and you will have beautiful blooming azaleas for years to come.

Time Pruning - Spring blooming azaleas set their blooms in the fall. So if you prune azaleas in late fall or winter, you'll prune off the blooms you are working so hard to get. Save pruning your azaleas until just after they finish blooming in the spring.

Feed Azaleas - Azaleas can struggle to take up nutrients in poor Florida soil, so make sure you supplement with The Kerby's Special. Our complete fertilizer has everything azaleas need, including all of the major and minor elements. Fertilize monthly in the first year and then spring, summer and fall in subsequent years.

Watch for Pests - Strongly rooted, healthy azaleas don't have a lot of pest and disease issues. But two of the most common issues we see are lacebug and leaf spot disease. Lacebugs cause the leaves to look a brownish-gray color. They live on the undersides and feed on the chlorophyll in the leaves. Treat with Systemic Insect Control if you see this issue to treat and prevent the insects return. Leaf spot disease often happens in rainy season when it is wet and humid. That can be treated with Liquid System Fungicide. And remember if you ever have plant issues, bring us a sample of the problem and we'll identify and find a solution to make sure your plants are growing their best.

New Arrivals
Vermillionaire Cuphea

Great For Pollinators
6" Pot - $7.99
Blueberry Bushes

Almost Harvest Time
6" Pot - $10.99

String of Pearls

A Unique Succulent
4" Pot - $17.99

Send a living gift to your favorite plant person anywhere in the lower 48 states from the Kerby's online houseplant shop. For orders shipping to cold areas, a complimentary heat pack is included to keep plants snuggly and warm on their journey. New plants added every Thursday at noon.


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